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About Project Pros


Starting with Why.

Why Project Pros?

There have been multiple studies on project failure rates and one of those from Gartner suggests 75% of all IT projects are considered to be failures by those that initiated them. These projects fundamentally failed to deliver the original requirement, were late and in this example over 50% were more than 200% over budget.

An IDC study stated that poor project management was the main cause of project failure with a 54% weighting and this led to 25% of project being cancelled as total failures, 50% requiring material re-work and 20-25% not delivering the ROI expected.

Project Pros was formed because we’d experienced this first hand as customers of Project Management and simply put, we believe PMaaS can add real value, by augmenting your team to deliver quality business outcomes for both you and your customers.

Our typical customers have

  1. Too many projects to handle internally

  2. Too few people to deliver

  3. A lack of knowledge in emerging technologies

  4. A requirement for greater governance and visibility

Our solution is

  1. A flexible resourcing model that scales easily with your business requirements

  2. A Project assurance framework that provides regular feedback

  3. Day to day support, coaching and mentoring of all project resources we deploy

  4. Structured plans, processes and procedures to minimise your risk profile


Our Vision

To be recognised as the best provider of Project management in the UK


Our Mission

To attract and develop the best available talent to deliver great projects


Sound good?

Drop us a line telling us a bit about your needs, and we’ll be happy to put our Project Pros to work for you.